I am feeling a little bit weary. So much to do, and not enough energy to get it done. I did manage to take some time out today for a scrap booking get together. I am such a dork. Seriously.

However, I look at it as time well spent. I would have to pay a therapist to listen to me ramble on about stuff that my friends will listen to for free! Plus, who else can give me advice about fallen arches, getting along with another person that I may or may not be married to, and the merits of a Willy Wonka’s caramel cream egg? Girl time is so important.

This comes on the heels of a great night out at a Mexican dive with a bunch of girlfriends. I can’t even begin to tell you what we talked about that night. My mother reads this blog. What I can say is that we all had stories about what sorts of things our dogs have pulled out of the trash can and presented to other people. My story beat them all hands down. That’s one story you will never see in print because not only does my mother read this blog, but so do my kids!

And on that cryptic note, I’m off to watch Brideshead Revisited. Enjoy your weekend!


Twilight Tuesday

I embraced my inner teenage girl and went with a group of friends to see Twilight on Tuesday night. I’m not gonna lie. With the exception of two of my girlfriends, I was the oldest person in the theater. I am also not gonna lie and tell you I didn’t love it. Because I did.

And may I say now that I am eternally grateful that I did not have to see it with Michael. It would have been entirely too painful to have his commentary interrupting this:

Or this:

I’m already making plans to see the sequel:)