Friday Favorites: A list

Feeling a bit fuzzy this week.  Lack of sleep due to missing my traveling man.  So I leave you with a list, and the promise of more photos from our recent trip to Venice when I can catch up on some sleep.

Favorite tunes:  Come Around Sundown.  Love, truly love it.

Favorite photo from Venice:

Favorite eye candy:  The Cherry Blossom Girl.  Gorgeous.
Favorite laugh:  Tyler Stanton.  
Second Favorite photo from Venice:  This was day two.  You can imagine how day one went.
Favorite nerdy moment:  Discovering I can receive emails from PBS Masterpiece with the latest Mystery and Classics schedule.  I feel my predilection for period film and general nerdiness is redeemed by my taste in music.  See first favorite.
Least favorite moment:  Forgetting to weigh my onions before getting in line at the grocery store.  Again.  I think I’m on the Migros list of top ten most wanted foreigners. 
Favorite ‘mom’ moment:  Listening to Rachel talk about her first Turkey Trot PR.  She still refuses to go on a run with me.  I think she’s worried I won’t be able to keep up, which is sadly the likely truth.
What were some of your favorites this week?
Happy Friday,


Friday Favorites on a Wednesday, just because

I was cleaning up a few bits and bobs yesterday, and I came across various collections of articles, book lists, recipes, and ripped out magazine pages that I’ve put aside for one reason or another. It’s a sickness. I am compelled to save these things.  Apparently, I was also compelled to save a package of Shrinky Dinks, because I love to save things that will lead to irrational arguing between my children.

The book list(s) in particular caught my eye.  I have, in the last year, written down over fifteen books that I would like to read, and that doesn’t include any of the books that I actually have read.  I think I was being a bit ambitious considering I’ve only read one book in the last month.

I think I made one recipe from the food pile, purchased two products from the cosmetics pile, and tried out exactly zero routines from the fitness stack (which was the largest).  Consequently, I’ve got some really cute lipstick, a kick A cottage pie recipe, and less than perfect abs.  I’m willing to live with these choices.

The question is, what can I recommend to you from this wealth of information I’ve accumulated?

This book. If you’re a runner, get it, read it, google each character because this book is more outrageous than fiction.  It sounds a bit dry, but I tell you it’s one of the best books I’ve read in some time.

This lippy.  All natural, minty goodness with the softest hint of color.

This recipe.  Thanks, Martha.  Finally, a recipe that doesn’t require a few hours, a sous chef, and obscure kitchen implements.

Do you have any books/recipes/cosmetics you’d like to recommend?  I’d even be willing to accept fitness routines, but I’m not making any promises on follow through.


For a rainy day

I miss sunshine.  It has rained here nearly every day for over two weeks. If I wasn’t so busy trying to put the house in order, I would be cozied up with a good book or three.  I miss reading.  Some day soon when all is put to rights, I’ll get cracking on my shelf of to-be-read books.  Blog hopping is less of a commitment and easier to share.  Here are a few posts you might enjoy.

For a laugh:  Oh, Tyler Stanton.  I laughed, I cried, I left a comment.

For a think:  I’ve gone back to this post over and over.  Deb’s words shine a light on the cobwebby corners of my heart.

For a delight:  I want to be Alicia when I grow up.  Except that I’m not crafty at all, but that’s neither here nor there.  Her taste in books and just about everything else is impeccable.

What are you reading these days?


Blog Love

It has been far, far too long since we’ve had a Friday Favorite around here. I am now reinstating Friday’s as the day I share my favorite things with you. Expect it to last about two weeks because frankly, I’m not that interesting, I don’t try too many new things, and I’m a creature of habit. I also overuse the word frankly.

Anyhow, my sister in law Becky turned me on to this Friday’s favorite, and I am forever grateful. Big Mama is my first stop of the day on the blog roll. She is the big sister you’ve never had, the best friend you wished you had, and the blogger you wish you were. If there was anyone in the bloggy world that I would like to meet in real life, it would hands down be Melanie aka Big Mama.
The best thing about Big Mama? She’s funny. Dang funny. I think I want to be her when I grow up, despite the fact that we’re suspiciously close to the same age. However, I will settle for reading her blog and knowing that we share the same twisted obsession with Anthropologie clothing and an aversion to men with pinky rings. If you do decide to take a hop on over there, you might want to pop in on the comments section. You’d be missing out on half the fun if you didn’t.
Happy Reading,

Details and a Friday Favorite

I know I promised some beach photos, and I plan to post those tomorrow. For now, I’m content to ramble on a little bit about what’s happening around here. I forget in my haste to mention all of the little details of my life, which, when added up actually make a life. And my life is all about the details.

Details such as…my oldest being diagnosed with Lyme’s disease after weeks of feeling poorly. Poor baby. Not the way we were hoping to start our summer, but thankfully at this stage it is treatable. Dang deer ticks.

In other health related news, my foot seems to be nearly healed, and I am finishing up week two of my 16 week running program. I have determined that I am going to need a whole lot of Jesus to get through this experience. Now my sciatic is acting up. I’ve been going to a chiropractor for treatment, and he has determined it is a muscle related irritation. Exactly what I thought, a huge pain in my butt. Literally. Treatment consists of me lying on my stomach while the chiropractor massages my backside and thigh. I’m not sure which of us gets the sweeter end of the deal:)

Have we talked music lately? I admit, I am hopelessly behind the times when it comes to the latest stuff out there and my taste could be called eclectic at best, erratic at worst. I’m really drawn to music with an angry edge to it, which is mildly upsetting to most God fearing folks, so I mostly keep that to myself. However, I’m expanding my horizons and trying new things, so I’ve just started listening to Kings of Leon. Why, oh why, has it taken me so long to discover them? Their album “Only by the night” is absolutely amazing. I’m sure they would be mortified to discover that a thirtysomething suburban mom is obsessed with their music, but there you have it.

How about books? I know we haven’t talked books in a while. My summer reading list is ridiculously long. I have stacks of books everywhere, an ongoing written list, and things on hold at the library. There simply isn’t enough time. I have recently finished “The Ivy Tree”, which I would definitely recommend. Unlike my slightly rough around the edges, anger and self loathing musical tendencies, my book suggestions are usually pretty safe. “The Ivy Tree” was wonderfully suspenseful, beautifully descriptive, and set in England which is always a treat. Great summer reading. As I’ve mentioned before, most books I read are on the suggestion of friends or from blogs that I stumble across. Which leads me to my Friday favorite.

I know I’ve previously mentioned Brin over at My Messy, Thrilling Life. She is my go-to girl for book love. She has turned me on to some fantastic writers. In fact, the last few books I’ve read were at her suggestion. I’ve come to rely on her for recipes, gardening tips, general craftiness, and the aformentioned book love. More than anything, she is ruthlessly honest about her ups and downs and seeing God in the midst of it all. And she’s an incredibly gifted writer. This spring, Brin decided to take an indefinite break from blogging. Since then, I’ve been occasionally visiting My Messy, Thrilling Life‘s archives for a recipe or devotional, and was delightfully surprised to find that Brin is back to blogging. So, I thought I’d send a few of you folks her way. Please check her out. Especially if you’re in the cookery, devotional, or book business. Or if you’re independently wealthy and want to help a girl out. This girl is a gem. Truly. Someone get her a book deal, stat. (Do you like my use of medical terminology just there? See Michael? All of those loans for nursing school did pay off. I haven’t forgotten a thing.)

So there we are. The details are just that…details, but they fill my mind and my heart with words and thoughts and music and prayers on my daughter’s behalf. If you want to share what details are making up your life this week, I’d love to hear them. Extra points for anyone who can throw in a medical term.