Archives for May 31, 2017

A Companion for the Broken Road

I lay awake in bed, and a small grief opened like a night blooming flower. I found the well of skin between my husband’s collarbone and his shoulder, and I lay my head there, his solid warmth a comfort. The flower of grief continued to bloom.

I dreamt terrible dreams. I woke in the middle of the night–my mind on an endless repeat–remembering the details of my disappointment. I thought about what I should have said and what I could have done, but realized nothing but the hands of time tick-tocking backwards could change the source of my sleepless nights.

I held imaginary conversations in my head, but soon realized enough words had already spilled into the wound. Words wouldn’t change anything. Sometimes the best we can do is hold out a hand to the one who hurts and who hurt us, and offer to walk the hard road together in silence.

I lay awake in bed, a small grief blooming, and I reminded myself that Peace is a person.

Peace is nail-pocked hands and a pierced side. Peace is a man of sorrows acquainted with the bloom of grief.

Peace is a lamb. Peace is a lion. Peace is the morning star, the cornerstone, the light of the world. Peace is Emmanuel, God with us. Peace is the resurrection and the life. Peace is the author and finisher of our faith.

Peace is Jesus, and he is mine and I am his.

The Prince of Peace waters my small grief with his own tears. He walks beside me in the tick-tocking hours of the day and in the blooming hours of the night, traveling the hard road together in companionable silence.


Perhaps you find yourself walking a hard, broken road today. Know that you’re not alone in your grief, Peace walks beside you and wants to take your hand on the journey. I’d be honored to pray for you, so feel free to share your request in the comments or via email. Peace be with you today.