When Others Mock Our Faith

DSC_7109 via kimberlyanncoyle.comMy son found me in the kitchen, putting away the dishes. We made small talk for a few minutes, and then he surprised me by mentioning that the mother of his friend Brian discovered some of my writing online. She read an essay I wrote about parenting and how raising kids impacts my faith, and then she let her son read it too.

Brian then proceeded to describe it to my boy in a less than flattering light. In fact, his words sounded like a downright mockery of not only my struggles as a parent, but of my faith as well.

My face burned as my son recounted the conversation…

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  • Donna Greulich

    Thank you so much for writing on this, Kimberly. I know this feeling so well. That moment when we strike out and just can’t help from being who we are —Christians — and then that aftershock of fear when we experience embarassment and the shame you described…it’s a horrible feeling — we are so disappointed in ourselves for feeling that way and wish we didn’t, but we do. So, thanks once again for sharing….and knowing we are not alone maybe we can grow a harder shell and slam the door shut on being ashamed of who we are!

    • Thanks for reading, Donna:) It’s painful to see ourselves in this light, but thank God for his grace! He knows our hearts and loves us just the same.