de(tales): mask

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They filled storefront windows down each canal and street. Most were cheap copies, a garish rainbow of colors with fake feathers dyed to match. The outdoor carts strung them along lengths of ribbon, and each time we passed the masks, my daughter snuck behind them and tried one on.

“What do you think of this one, Mommy?” She said. “Which one is the prettiest?” Glitter rubbed off and clung to her face. I tried to explain the masks were just a tourist trap, an ugly blight on the authentic face of this floating city.

She wanted to spend her pocket money…


Today, I have the great pleasure of writing at Cara Strickland’s place, contributing to her fantastic de(tales) series. To read the rest of the story, join me at Cara’s blog, Little Did She Know. Check out the de(tales) archives while you’re there.