To hold longing

jesse tree via

I hand-picked the peeling birch branches we cut off the dying tree in the backyard. They’re white and spare and beautiful. Last Christmas, I hung small white doves from every twig. They sat like tiny messengers delivering a promise of peace for the year to come.

This year, I chose those same spare branches to hang the ornaments for our first Jesse tree. Every day, I look at it and it feels unfinished, lopsided, undone. I miss the doves…


Today, I’m honored to add my words to a beautiful ongoing Advent series at my friend Christie Purifoy’s blog. You might want to wander around her site for a bit, her writing is so life-giving and lovely. To read the rest of my Advent story, click here.


  • Kimberley, I have never celebrated Advent or had a Jesse tree (I had to look it up). I loved your post at There is a River. So glad you posted there. I love finding a new writer to enjoy. And of course, I am always touched by your heart. 🙂