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Top five posts of 2014


On Mondays, I usually write about home and belonging. Because I’m still recovering from the onslaught of merry-making that is Christmas and because my kids will be home for another eight days, I plan to keep it light this week.

Today, let’s recap the top five posts from this, my little place of belonging on the internet. It surprised me to discover four of the five posts relate to parenting. Thanks so much for showing up to read this year. You never fail to surprise me, friends.

Most read posts of 2014:

1. Un-word 2014: Expectations: On giving up a word for the year. I gave up “expectations”, and decided to embrace progress over perfection.

2. A cheering season: When being a mom isn’t enough: For all the cheering we do from the sidelines, sometimes we have seasons where we need to take to the field for a cheering season of our own.

3. The names we call ourselves: When my husband calls me Kim: learning to look back on our former selves with grace.

4. Ten small things that will remain: For all the mamas: When you want to leave a legacy for your kids, but all you have to offer them is yourself. This post is from May 2013, but remains in the top five for the year.

5. Parenting for the faint of heart: Want to quit judging other parents? Take a long hard look in the mirror. War stories for the faint of heart.