Day 27: Priceless

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I met up with friend recently who quietly stored away a handful of things she wanted to say to me when we saw each other in person. Over the past few weeks, she tucked a thought here and pocketed a thought there. When we finally sat down over a meal, one by one she laid out this sweet treasure of words she stored up for that moment in time. I felt so cared for, so satiated on the small feast of her kindness.

I often feel as if I have so little to offer the people I care about, and my friend reminded me that there is an endless well of words I can draw on. I can dip my bucket into the reserves, into the place where I keep all my thoughts of kindness and love and admiration, and I can scoop them up. I can use these words to fill my family when their very bones have gone dry. I can pour life into a friend who need refreshing. I can offer them a gift that costs me nothing, but to them, this treasure of words may be priceless.

Who have you thought of recently with kindness? Who needs the gift of your words today?

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