Day 23: No platform required


I’ve never sat facing a stage and wished I was the person on it. Not once have I desired a microphone or a raised platform or my face plastered on a screen (unless I suddenly morphed into Anne Hathaway in Les Miserable, and then, only if I also had the good fortune of wearing her wardrobe from The Devil Wears Prada.)  I’d rather sit here with you and chat across screens or someday perhaps, across the pages of a book.

I’d rather meet at the coffee shop and order a cup of something steaming hot and swap different sides of the same story. I’d rather have a meaningful conversation with my daughters, or a moment of quiet talk with my son, than speak to a room full of faces I don’t recognize.

I never want to forget that my words matter most when spoken in the seemingly small areas of my life. Why do we measure the weight of our words by the number of people listening to them?  Maybe our words bear the greatest influence with an audience the size of a sleepy-headed toddler who still sucks their thumb. Maybe they fall on the welcome ears of a sister, a husband, a friend. Maybe our book club, or dinner group, or Sunday school members wait patiently for us to speak life straight through to the heart of them.

My words matter most when I’m willing to get down and dirty with the people listening to them, as we scrape and stumble our way through life together. Your words matter most in the small places too. If we took a moment to notice the ears inclined our way, we would see the capacity our words have to build bridges of reconciliation and benches of respite for the weary in need of rest. Our words will find a place of welcome, no platform required.


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  • This question . . . “Why do we measure the weight of our words by the number of people listening to them?” Yes, why? Our words matter, whether to a few or to the masses. No platform required! Thanks for this today, Kimberly.

  • Mark Allman

    You don’t need a platform but I think one has found you. 🙂

    I have always wondered if I was placed where I am to only impact one person in my life would I be happy with that? Satisfied?
    Who am I to say it’s not worth it? To that one person it might be worth everything.
    I should be thankful and honored to be able to be faithful in whatever circumstance I have been put it.

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