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Link love: Edition 001~I read things

I get around the internet a fair bit, but I don’t often share the links I’m currently reading. Let’s remedy that, shall we? I intended to post these last week, but good words never get old, they get better with age. Much like myself, or so I tell my husband. If you click on any of them, make it Sarah Bessey’s post on the women of Haiti. It will make you stand up straighter.

flower basket via

For the artist:

This post from Billy Coffey will inspire you to keep creating for the love of the work rather than the applause of men.

For the writer:

Shauna Niequist tells us there are a million ways to be a writer. Yes, and amen.

For people who make things:

This is so lovely. From Annie Barnett, artist.

For the readers/writers:

Do you know Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy? She’s my unofficial book guru. If you’re looking for great reads, she’s your first stop, and in this post she talks books with Shauna Niequist. Double score.

For every woman, everywhere:

Sarah Bessey writes of the women she meets on her trip to Haiti, of their strength and their unbending spines. You might repent for all of your belly aching after reading this one. I know I did.

Scripture cards:

I don’t know about you, but I need to paper the walls in truth. Emily at Jones Design Co gives us a place to start.


This is fun! Let’s do it again. Do you have any links you’d like to share in the comments?