Archives for April 10, 2014

Eternal spring

On Monday, I wrapped up my short-ish series on writing. There are infinite topics we could talk about, but they’re already discussed around the web by people with far more authority than me. I thought it best to stick to what I know, which is my own personal experience. Thanks for joining me, and feel free to pop in the comments at any point with your own stories or questions.


This week found me six hours from home, in the land of cherry blossoms and sunshine. I tasted Spring and it tasted like pink petals and new life. It hit me anew how little time I have left for exploring the world with my children by my side. My daughter will have a life completely and entirely apart from me in a few years time. I felt fear rising when I realized how little I know, how little I have to pass on to her about how to live fully alive, how to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, how to separate laundry or bake a chicken. I’m still learning and growing right alongside her.

Maybe this is the best gift–to show her that learning and growth continue past the degree seeking years or the child-bearing years or the tired thirties. Hope remains that I may one day learn how to cook a steak or read a map. Maybe I’ll figure out how to be a good friend or tell an irresistible story. Perhaps my black thumb may turn green. New life is around the corner, ready to burst from the blossoms and wrap us up in a sea of pink.


Chicken and laundry aside, I will teach her this: Keep seeking. Keep asking. Keep knocking. Regardless of her age, these three promise to give life, to usher in an eternal spring.