Five Minute Friday: Crowd

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Today’s Prompt: Crowd


So I gave up yelling for Lent. My kids, and the devil in them, have tested me sorely over the past few days. I’m ashamed to admit that yelling is as instinctual as breathing for me. A friend tells me its just a habit. It will break.

I don’t know what to do without the loud, without the volume cranked all the way up. The words crowd in my mouth, they push and jostle, until I want to expel them at the top of my lungs. Now they jockey for position as I squeeze them out one by one through clenched teeth. I send them out like warriors. Go ahead, little soldiers. Do your best. Or do I really mean for them to do their worst?

I don’t think this method of communication is much better. I might need to give up correcting my children altogether, until I can do it with grace, until I institute some sort of crowd control over this reckless mouth.

All tips, shortcuts, and long haul answers gratefully accepted.


  • Mark Allman

    I think sometimes a whisper garners more attention that an shout.

  • Kelly Hausknecht Chripczuk

    Hmmm . . . reminds me of learning to space out your handwriting in elementary school, one finger-width between each word. May your words and their duties become more roomy :).

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Yes, I think giving space between the words, or at least between my thoughts and the words might be a good thing!

  • Leah Beecher

    Now maybe I am prejudice because I am most definitely a “yeller”, but doing this parenting thing for over 12 years now, observing how my older girls are bearing good fruit, in the fact that they don’t act like most middle schoolers in the world, and have a very real solid relationship with Christ, which makes me feel pretty good; a nice refreshing change from the usually heavy cloak of guilt associated with motherhood, i would say that yelling in itself is not an horrible indicator of: BAD Mom. I have said it soo many times. My children only listen when I yell. I think yelling is a personality thing…to a certain point. We do everything loud in my family. Laugh and talk, wrestle and dance, and crack jokes: all loud! While some people wouldn’t yell if they were on fire! Nor could they tell you the last time they got down of the floor and messed about with their kiddos. There are many dysfunctional homes that are not raising Christ followers by any means who don’t ever raise their voice. Its a two way street. Yes, as mothers we need to be gentle, have self control. They are both the fruit of the Spirit. But, we are human beings, and if our children are acting in such a way to constantly defy us, not listen, act out of control, maybe it is time for you and your husband to sit down with your kids and say: “look what you are doing to your Mother because of your wrong actions”. Grace in a family is giving and receiving between all family members. I will say, that what The Lord used to rein in my own un-ruley tongue was showing me I had to absolutely crucify my complaining tongue. For me that gets the psycho yelling ball rolling every time. Really pay attention at when you do the most yelling. What are the triggers, the time of day? When the house is messy, right before dinner (that is running late again) days that you work late, ect. I hope this helps. Mothers feel so much guilt. Way more than they deserve. This coming from a perfectionist so I know. Remember our kids don’t need perfection they need genuineness. Be genuine in your time and love and point them to Christ, the only perfect One.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks for your comment, Leah. I think taking a look at the triggers is a great suggestion. Usually it’s a cumulation of things, not necessarily outright disobedience, which causes me to yell.

  • jmp2675

    Love this post- our words the crowd in our mouths just dying to scream out. Thank you for being so brave and writing.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks for stopping by and reading:)