A prayer

As we go about our very busy lives at the start of a very busy season, I thought I would offer up a series of short reflections for us this week.  Something small, to center us on truth and grace and the gift that is apple pie. Today, a prayer.


Gather us now, to you.

Join hands with us around our tables and turkeys and delight in our tryptophanic rest.

Meet us in the late-night errands, the lists we scribble, and the important things we’re sure to forget.

Live within the words we speak and the meditation of our hearts.

Revel in our off-key tunes, our living poetry, our messed up lives.

Quiet us as we enter the tilt-a-whirl of family and friends, so we might listen more than we speak.

Place the forgotten, the invisible, the weak and wounded, in the palm of your hand.

Teach us to trace our names, the ones inked on the very same palm, as we gather there too.

Reveal yourself in the weak morning light, in the stars, and in your storehouses of snow.

Encircle us with grace and crown us with wisdom.

Gather us now, to you.


  • Leah Beecher

    I love this. The simple, profound, living out life aware and thankful