Five Minute Friday: Small

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Today’s Prompt: Small

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The first time my husband and I walked the cosmic pathway at the American Museum of Natural History, it wigged us out. The exhibit lays out the history of the universe, the relative size of our planets, the multiple galaxies, the hair like sliver of time we have existed on this tiny, rotating planet.

My husband looked at me and said “How is it possible? How, in the vast expanse of the known universe, is it possible God sees us? We are a speck in space.” And when I got over my fear that he was in the middle of a full-blown crisis of faith right there in the museum gallery, I realized the validity of his question.

We know so little of the greatness of this universe. We know a fraction of the skies and of the science that governs them, the pop and fizzle of stars. We know only that we are small, and yet, we are loved. We are known. We don’t know where the deep of the skies ends, whether it is still being created at a distance, but we know this earth was hand carved, spoken into being, and breathed into life like our very spirits.

I left the museum that afternoon feeling smaller than before, but secure in the knowledge I am loved by a God who thinks big. A God who sees this small speck and creates for me a universe of mystery and light and beauty.


Have you ever visited an exhibition like the cosmic pathway? A planetarium, perhaps? What did you think?


  • We are thinking along the same lines! It is humbling to know that the same God that created the expanse of the world, from time beginning sees, knows and loves us today. Thank you for sharing this experience!

  • Hello, Kimberly. I’m stopping in from Five Minute Friday. 🙂 What an awesome thought that even though we are really such a tiny part of an immense universe, God cares for us! In His eyes, we are important, we are wanted, we are needed.

    The one time I visited a planetarium was decades ago, as a child with my grandmother and siblings. Neat memories. Of course, she let us pick out a few little fascinating goodies from the gift shop. 🙂

    It would be cool to take my children one of these days.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sheila. The goodies at the gift shop keep my kids coming back:)

  • marian vischer

    Hi friend! After She Speaks I added your blog to my reader and you’ve inspired me to join in 5-minute Friday. Today was my first one. Um, 5 minutes is not long. I feel like I wrote virtually nothing! I hope you’re getting settled into your new home and finding a bit of peace in this new / old life of yours. It was so great to meet you at She Speaks. Oh and I just finished Anne Lamott’s Imperfect Birds this week. Have you read it?

    • Hi Marian! So glad you joined in for FMF:) I agree, 5 mins makes it dang near impossible to string together any coherent thoughts. I’m always amazed at those who can write a manifesto in 5 mins;) I haven’t read Imperfect Birds. Promptly putting it on my TBR list!

  • Jean Marie

    Wow, this was lovely. (Visiting from FMF) I LOVE looking at the stars, and thinking about that. It really calms me down to know God is sovereign and also loves us so deeply, infinitely.

    • Thanks for visiting, Jean Marie:) I love star gazing too.

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