Home sweet home


Dear Friends,

Thanks for understanding the current state of things, and my too-long absence from this space this summer. I miss meeting you here. I also miss knowing where to find my household goods and using a working washer/dryer and my two big kids who traveled to sleep-away camp this week. I miss free time too, and maid service at the hotel. Yesterday, the toilet overflowed while in use by one family member. Said family member’s shorts got wet with toilet water, and this individual simply dropped their dirty, water-soaked shorts, and left them on the floor for me to find the next day. Oh yes, I’ve missed the perks of home ownership.

The house is a tower of boxes, my very own tower of Babel. Why have I purchased so much stuff? It’s like I’m trying to reach the heavens with it, box by box. I suppose this is what happens when you move entire households across countries five times in thirteen years. This is also what happens when you marry someone who has a new burning passion/hobby every other month, and you fight your own personal addiction to tchochkes. I found scuba gear, a bow and arrow set, and approximately 327 candlesticks. It’s a sickness.

I find myself wanting to strip it all down, take everything to the bare bones, and create a small space of quiet in the middle of this house-moving hurricane. This weekend, I attended a writer’s conference, and I had the pleasure of meeting with Emily Freeman and a number of writer friends from her blog. She asked us where we find ourselves right now, at this moment in time. She said “Imagine the YOU ARE HERE dot on the mall map. Where are you right now?” And I said I’m in the eye of the hurricane, and the furniture, the paperwork, and the some-day book are whirling around in the air while I stand still in the middle. In all of the chaos, and the anxiety-inducing amount of work, I stand there and I feel satisfied. It’s the only way I know how to say it. Satisfied with our decision. Satisfied with our home. Satisfied with the outcomes, the changes, the new/old life. Satisfied with the way the dirt collects on the hardwood floor and the water seeps from the toilet and the list of to-do’s growing ever longer. It is so very good to know one’s place and one’s calling, and to lean into it.

Much love,



What are you leaning into right now? Where are you feeling satisfied or dissatisfied with life?


  • I love that you are satisfied Kimberly. And I’ll be praying that you continue to find peace and comfort in the here and now.

  • Mark Allman

    You taught me a new word today: tchochkes. In the midst of chaos we can find solace. It sounds like you are. Hope the house comes together soon for you.