On adventure


We returned from a week in Italy last night, and after feasting on art, architecture, and entirely too much pizza, I will spend the day catching up on the home front. Translation: laundry. Why does my life seem to revolve around the laundry? Does yours? I suppose it’s a necessary dose of reality after living in a fantasy world for the last week.

We began our trip in Naples with a harrowing taxi ride in which I felt certain we were going to die, or at the very least become the victims of an armed robbery. After many warnings about safety concerns in that particular area, I was already on high alert. I may have also been a little jazzed about the idea of having six cups of tea the next day as I ended my Lenten fast. Whatever the reason, I felt certain when our driver drove us through a deserted road in the dock lands, we were going to show up as the main story on the evening news. Especially when our driver slowed as we approached ย an unmarked white van with the driver’s door open and a man sitting in the front seat fingering a shiny metal object that rested in his lap. My heart never beat so fast. I knew this was a conspiracy to rob poor unsuspecting tourists of their ipads and clean underpants. I held my breath as our driver veered off to the right of the parked van and continued driving. As we passed the white van, I caught a closer glimpse of the driver with a miniature laptop propped up on his lap.

Lord have mercy.

Can you believe I rarely read or watch crime shows? This is why, my friends. My utterly ridiculous imagination is more than enough entertainment. So were the guests staying in the hotel room next to us. They proceeded to have an extremely loud argument in Italian at one in the morning about three feet away from my head. Exciting times.

Needless to say, the trip was an adventure. We met up with friends from NJ, and promptly lost a cell phone, our hopes for spring-like weather, almost all of our socks, and a small child. I managed to hang onto my sanity, but not my equilibrium after a winding train ride home through the Alps. Everything still looks crooked this morning, and I think I’m listing to the left when I walk. Either way, I made it to the grocery store, kennel, orthodontist, school, and dry cleaners today without incident. (Not true, I knocked over no less than four items at the grocery store) After a hasty bath, the dog is now clean, and so are the missing socks which inexplicably showed up in our chest of drawers.

Who needs to watch a tv mystery when life provides so very many opportunities for mystery on its own? I, for one, will never work out how we came home with fewer clothes and the same number of children that we left with.


Tell me about your spring break. Small pleasures? Big adventures? A new book? Do tell.

Photos of our trip to follow.



  • I giggled a little that you assumed he’d want your clean underpants. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We don’t have spring break yet with a toddler, so life just continues on the normal ebb and flow of exhausting and relaxing.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      I remember those days so well. Hoping you have more relaxation than exhaustion.

  • MarkAllman

    That is my understanding on what’s on top of the things that get stolen everyday list: number one is iPads and number 2 is clean underpants. After you have gotten those two things what else would you need! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • KimberlyCoyle

      It’s a commonly known fact;)

  • art, architecture, and pizza! Sounds so nice! I love travelling too! and yes I totally agree with you that it feels like a fantasy AND I echo your imagination. I have quite a crazy one too, more like paranoid. haha I imagine things when there’s nothing much to imagine, just cause I like those adventures I see in movies, but I just enjoy watching and second guessing when something will happen. haha. I went to Paris, and parts of Hungary. On a tour group, I guess as the mother you;ll be worrying more, I who went as the child was probably in my own world ^^ Amazed at how you still managed to accomplish so much! That’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    • KimberlyCoyle

      I definitely have my share of paranoia, Esther. Much to the chagrin of my husband and kids. They think I’m crazy.

  • Kimberly, sounds like a fabulous time. You are not alone in your flair for the dramatic. Here’s a link to my craziness: http://dandelionsinthewild.blogspot.com/2010/08/some-old-blogs-from-places.html. Skip down to the one entitled Lucy and Ethel. Sometimes, an overactive imagination can be so .. well, exciting!