Five Minute Friday:Broken

Hello, Friends. Welcome back for another Friday spent with Lisa-Jo and the Five-minute crowd. Today, we’re taking five minutes to write on the prompt Broken. Do you have five minutes to write, read, or both? Why don’t you join us?

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Today’s Prompt: Broken


My daughter wore her swimsuit to bed last night. There is snow on the ground, but according to her, swimsuit as PJ’s–it’s how she rolls. My son painted his face with wax crayons and we left it like that all day, smeared like a rainbow melted onto his skin. I made muffins for his birthday, not cake, muffins. And then I stuck two candles into one and asked everyone to use their imagination and pretend they were an eleven. I feel like a bit of a fraud.

I received some disappointing news this week, the kind that leaves me wondering if this is really the path I’m meant to travel because it leaves me feeling so broken. Fraud-like. As if I’m standing in the middle of a snowstorm wearing a swimsuit and saying “What? This is how I roll?!” While everyone shakes their heads as they pass.

Last night, we watched an hour of you tube videos and we laughed like hyenas. My daughter came to check on us three times only to find me dissolved in a flood of laughter and tears. These tears were different than the others. Healing coursed down with each one of them. It felt like glory and resurrection to a broken spirit. I find I’m always looking for the glory without first experiencing the breaking. But, as long as we live in a post-Eden world, one can’t exist without the other. And still, joy comes in the morning.


I hope you revel in the glory of Jesus’ resurrection this weekend, even as we remember the brokenness that brought us to the foot of His cross in the first place. Happy Easter, friends. May you spend it in sunshine and laughter and even a swimsuit if that’s how you roll.


  • Mel

    I enjoy your style. I can totally relate to feeling like a fraud. I feel like that with my 2 toddlers, daily. I agree, we have to feel broken and all it’s mess and ache before we can feel the glory for all it’s meant to be.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks for reading, Mel:) There is nothing like a two year old to teach you everything you never knew about yourself!

  • Linda Lloyd

    It never ceases to amaze me how God works through the things I call “awful”. I try to avoid awful like the plague, but you’re right, without the awful there would be no glory.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      He does redeem the messiest things, doesn’t He?

  • Kimberly Amici

    good stuff, the power of laughter to heal is amazing, keep laughing!

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Youtube is good like that:)

  • Cassi Brightforest

    We had the exact same last night, even with the daughter wondering if we were ok. Wow! We watched Tim Hawkins. What did you watch? Laughter is such a powerful healer

    • KimberlyCoyle

      I wish I could say, but my husband kept putting up one right after the other. Lots of short clips and pranks. So good to laugh.

  • And still, joy comes in the morning. Thank you for the reminder. Amazing how I need to hear it again and again. Thank you.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks for reading, Kristin:)

  • The glory and the breaking – co-existent. Lovely

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks, Sarah:)

  • Laughing is my favorite (and it is how I roll!) Praying for you in this transition season my friend… He’s got it all in His hand… in His heart… He holds the plans He has for you and will not let them go! Happy Easter! If I somehow find myself in a swimsuit (which I am packing) – I will think of you!

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Have a wonderful vacation! My swimsuit is staying home;)

  • Amy

    Laughing is something we all need more of.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      I certainly do! Thanks for stopping by, Amy:)

  • Glory can’t exist without breaking. And through Christ’s brokenness on the cross we are saved to eternal glory with Him–incredible!

  • Darlene @ {In Pursuit}

    Muffins are definitely better than pancakes 😉

  • I’m sorry about your disappointing news, Kimberly. You write as non-fraud-like as one can imagine. I love how Five-Minute Fridays encourages you to be even more real–just write without thinking, whatever spills out. That strips away all the things we might build around us to create a Music Man facade. I’m thinking you’re fine, and your kids will ask for muffins next year.

  • I’m so sorry about whatever news you received, but it seems as if there is so much joy and life in your home – like that’s how you all roll. This is the kind of home I want; not perfect, but perfectly us. Thank you for a reminder to just lighten up, live and love!!

  • Tanya M.

    Oh wow! Loved this. Your post really spoke to me. I am always looking for the glory without exeriencing the breaking first. Is it morning yet? ~Tanya, visiting from FMF