Five Minute Friday: Home

Hello, Friends! Welcome back for another Friday spent withLisa-Jo and the Five-minute crowd. Today, we’re taking five minutes to write on the prompt Home. Do you have five minutes to write, read, or both? Why don’t you join us?

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Today’s Prompt: Home


Today, home is where the sun rises from behind the mountains, leaving a jagged silhouette against the morning sky. It is where cheese and chocolate dominate the grocery store aisles, and I can never find the one last item I need to make the recipe complete.

Today, home is near the evergreen forest, where I go to watch the lake change seasons. This morning, she removes her coat and itchy wool scarf and reaches for her springtime dress, ill-fitting in the cool March sun.

Home is where I make friends with women from a dozen different countries and not a single one from here. It is where I struggle to understand and too often, I’m misunderstood. Home is a double edged sword. The tart and the sweet. The delicious first drag on a cigarette until the seizing cough sets in.

In a handful of springtime tomorrows, home will be across the great Atlantic divide. Another double edged sword for me to unsheath.


I had a silly amount of interruptions while writing this, therefore a wee bit of editing was necessary in order to form some sort of coherent thought. Otherwise, I may have posted something about a to-do list, mixed in with my grocery list, mixed in with some random thoughts on home. You deserve better. Next week, back to the usual un-edited, painful to post, and even more painful to read version. Thanks for stopping by.


  • Joy

    Isn’t Switzerland such a picturesque place? I am from Germany and used to live quite close to Switzerland so we went there for visits here and then. Love your picture and your description!

    • KimberlyCoyle

      I wish I could do it justice with my photos. I will miss the beauty of this place more than anything else.

  • Kara

    I love “home is a double edged sword” I never thought of it that way but as I struggle in my singleness and my parents are planning on moving out of my childhood home this is exactly how I have been feeling. Thank you for putting words to my thoughts, so glad that others can when I can’t.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thank you, Kara, for reading and for your kind words. Home is so complicated, isn’t it?

  • Susan Harms

    “Home is a double edged sword. The tart and the sweet. The delicious first drag on a cigarette until the seizing cough sets in.” Perfect!!!

    Speaking of home, I finally finished my post that I promised you about two weeks ago. I’d love for you to come buy and see me.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Will do, Susan! So glad you took the time to write it out.

  • Yes. this. I had never thought of home as a double-edged sword before.. maybe because I have never strayed far from my little home town… my parents live RIGHT next door… and family all around… maybe all of that. But now – as my girlie is preparing to move off to college – home feels sharp… tart and sweet, for sure! Love the way you made me look at it from a different perspective and see it in a different light!

    Praying for you in this transition of home, my friend!

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks for the prayers:)

  • I love it just the way it is. Beautiful writing and imagery, as always. 🙂

  • L. R. Jensen

    So fantasticly beautiful. I too had interruptions and a disclaimer about them, so I chuckled at that. The pictures are so clear in your writing. God bless you as you relish your days there.

  • Nothing here is EVER painful to read!