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The first day I set foot in a hospital as a student nurse, one of our patients died. A group of us huddled together in his hospital room discussing the proper method for giving a bed bath—head to toe, front to back, bottom last. As the assigned student rolled the patient on his side to wash his back, I noticed his pale skin had taken on a tinge of blue. I mentioned it to my classmate, who removed a glove to touch his cooling skin, and fumbled in a mounting panic for his wrist and absent pulse. At the foot of the bed, a medical chart revealed an orange sticker with the letters DNR stamped in black. Do Not Resuscitate…

Today, I’m writing at the High Calling where I talk a little about work, family, and faith. Join me there for the rest of this story…


  • Oh my goodness! What a job it must be, and what a calling.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      I never really felt a calling to nursing, which might explain why I didn’t last more than a few years. You have to be made for it, and I learned early on that I am not!

  • Just stopping by to say how much I appreciated your article at The High Calling. I’m a student nurse also. 😉 And I’ll be sharing your story on my site. Thanks!

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Duane. I haven’t practiced nursing in many years, but it’s amazing how the stories remain. I hope you have many of your own to tell as you pursue your career.