Archives for January 15, 2013

For want of a wife


The morning I planned, no needed, to wash an entire household full of laundry, a pipe burst. I walked past a river of water flowing down the ¬†left side of the street on my way to the bus stop. I drove by the repair truck–three times. And still, I pretended it wasn’t really happening, and I sorted five people’s worth of dirty underwear and socks, shoved them into a miniature sized washing machine and hit START. What little water remained in the pipes, trickled into the overly stuffed drum, and then ground to a halt. There it remained, while the repairmen on the street shouted to one another over the noise of the drill, and the tap in the kitchen taunted me by turning on for thirty seconds at a time.

Soon, I will board an airplane, and I don’t have enough clean socks. One of the kids has a sinus infection. My pee wee refrigerator can’t hold all the meals I need to prepare in advance. And I have an idea for a new project knocking about in my head that I’d very much like to see translated onto paper. When women talk about work/life balance I have absolutely no idea what they mean because for me it is all life, and it is all balanced on the edge of a knife, or on working pipes as it were. Where does the work come in? When exactly do these women find the time to dream? To practice? To write or build or heal or CEO stuff? When is this all happening, people?

I follow a well-known male author on twitter, and he’s forever talking about his new projects, his (ridiculous) daily word count, and how easy it is to write prolifically–as if it’s simply a matter of discipline. I imagine him sitting in his office for hours on end, banging away on the keyboard while his wife brings him cups of tea and throws in the next load of his underpants. I’m beginning to think he might have an unfair advantage, such as–a wife.

I need to get me one of those.

Tell me, how do you find the time to work? To create? Do you steal it from the crumb strewn floors? From tv viewing time? From the morning or night? Do you skip exercise? Sleep? Sanity? Talk to me, friends. Tell me what you do and how you do it.


Speaking of twitter, you can find me there tweeting new posts, great links, and a few photos from our travels @KimberlyACoyle.

Also, I am forever grateful my husband snapped this awful photo of me going about my daily work–the sink as my desk and the dishes my muse.