Five Minute Friday: Roots

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Today’s prompt: Roots

I often wonder if I’m incapable of putting them down. The drive inside to go, go , go instead of stay tugs on my gypsy heart. I understand the need to stay a while, to sit and let the fibrous roots begin to settle into the soil of a place. I see how my children grow strong and soak up the nutrients of family and friends who remain rooted in one spot.

But, boredom makes me pull at those roots and a desire to wake up to different views and experience other cultures overrules everything else. I feel trapped. Especially in suburbia, and this is where I will go from here in exactly eight months.

Help me.

I fear the settling in, the growing boredom, the need to see something other than brick and concrete buildings, and everyone carrying their Starbucks cups, dressed in the same sale clothes from Old Navy. The sameness kills my creativity, or this is what I tell myself. Maybe the staying, the putting down roots will be different this time.

Maybe I’ll be different.


  • Nicole Gilbertson Wilke

    And maybe you’ll be the different. I come at it from a different perspective, as my natural inclination is to stay, but God has called us to go. However, I can totally see where you’re coming from. Perhaps part of your purpose will be to [actively or passively] expose those around you to an alternative to the sameness. It’s shocking how many people really cannot comprehend that there is life beyond their tiny sphere of influence.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      “An alternative to the sameness” This made me smile, Nicole:) The irony of this post? I wrote it quickly before changing out of my Old Navy pj’s to go meet someone at Starbucks. My fear is not fighting against the sameness enough!

  • why don’t you go be that flamboyant tree that encourages other to explore… and branch out…

    seasons of staying… seasons of going – the challenge is choosing contentment regardless. blessings and prayers as God changes things around for you.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      Thanks, Richelle, for reminding me contentment needs to follow me wherever I wander.

  • Alia_Joy

    I have that itchy burning desire to go and yet, God has grounded me in every possible way over the years. And it’s a struggle in this season to not wilt but our roots are never really planted in location or atmosphere as we are always on a journey if we’re walking with God. Praying you find a way to see past the mundane to the magnificent, even if you’re planted here for a bit.

    • KimberlyCoyle

      “Mundane to the magnificent”. Yes, it’s all about having eyes to see, isn’t it?

  • Denise Oldham

    Saying prayers for you, be sweetly blessed.

  • It’s funny…I can relate to this post. I moved often as a kid, but then got married and stayed in one place for 25 years, until 5 years ago. Then I moved from the Midwest to the east coast. What culture shock! I’ll be praying for you in the coming months.


    • Kimberly

      Thanks, Mary:) I’ll be joining you on the East Coast by summertime!

  • I can also relate to this post, funnily enough, even though I have only ever lived in 4 different cities and one country my whole life! I like to think in terms of the whole world and not just my corner of it, I like to learn from different cultures and peoples. I don’t like suburbia and the idea of it. But there are kindred spirits to be found, even in suburbia, and I will pray that you will find some like you who love the richness and adventure of the whole world.

    • Kimberly

      Kindred spirits, yes!

  • A girl who speaks my language, another gypsy heart.