Day 8: Provisions for the Journey

On long runs, I like to carry a small water bottle or two in my hands and tuck an energy gel in my pocket. A few weeks ago I went for a run, bringing only one water bottle and an optimistic, yet sadly mistaken, view on how many water fountains I might pass on the way. Halfway into my run, nearly out of water and very thirsty, I wracked my brain for the likely location of those mythical fountains. I felt sure I had seen them on this route before, only–I hadn’t. What I mistook for water fountains, were actually taps spilling into watering troughs for the local cow population. The one fountain I found with safe drinking water, spit nothing but air when I turned the handle. The only other fountain I recalled, sat cold and distant in the parking lot from which I started my run. The time for filling up on cool, clear water was at the start. I forgot how much the heat and the steady climb affected my need for refilling along the way.

When we think about our journey—whether it be into marriage, writing, teaching, parenting, creating, building, adopting, preaching, serving—we need to consider the necessary provisions. We gather fellow travelers, we put on courage, we work on faith, but do we remember to pack the things which sustain us on the journey? Have we rolled up our prayers and carried them on our backs so we might lay upon them when we feel weary? Do we fill ourselves on Living Water for the days when nothing else will quench our thirst? Do we pack enough words to feast on, music to drink to, laughter to warm beside?

The time for gathering provisions begins at the start. We may find surprising nourishment along the way, but we may also find a lot of cow troughs and empty vessels. Plan for this. Fill up, feast, and prepare for the journey. Learn what nourishes your spirit and your soul, and pack each one of these sustaining gifts to carry along the way.

Where do you draw from the waters? What nourishes you most?

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