Day 30: Grace for the Journey

It took a lot of grace for me to make it to day 30 of this series. You offered grace to me when you showed up to read, and God lent me even more by keeping me sane for the better part of it. I find as I write, I have to live everything twice. Once in real life and then again on the page. Writing about the journey as I’m actively living my own required me to re-visit a lot of junk and live the rest of it out in real time. Some of my paths look a little messy at the moment, and I suspect yours might too.

Grace is defined as unmerited favor. I return to this definition of grace most often because it reminds me that I can’t earn my way into it. God extends grace as a gift. His favor–His mercy, compassion, and privilege–are not promised when I choose the path well, or when I make it to the end of the journey without stumbling. Grace doesn’t show up when I tick all the boxes, and love all the right people, and remain steadfast in faith and courage. God offers grace for the everyday. For the times I stumble here and fail there, for when I refuse to move forward or fight to go back.

Favor, unmerited, every single day.

Thank God.

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