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Day 14: Dreaming for the Journey

One of the great disadvantages of our frenetic, 24 hour, endless media connectedness, is the inability to find pockets of time for dreaming. For imagining. For creating something out of the silence.

To take a journey, one that actually leads somewhere, requires planning. Planning sounds all boring and list-y and like something my husband wishes I would do. But, the planning comes after the listening and after the quiet. It springs up from the fertile soil of your imagination, where dreams hibernate.

There is a time for storing up—reading, connecting, filling. But after the filling, after we’ve eaten our share of blog posts or twitter conversations or Sunday sermons, there is a place for quiet. Satiated listening, where all we received is pressed down, shaken together, and now spills out in the running over.

We are full.

We are free.

We allow all this fullness and freedom to guide us to new paths, places that remain hidden except for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. We imagine our destination, what discoveries we’ll unearth along the way, and we plan for them.

But first, we dream.

How are you creating space and silence for dreaming? What dreams of yours are coming alive again after long hibernation?

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