Five Minute Friday: Grasp

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Today’s Prompt: Grasp

I’m not one to look back too often. If I’m going to live anywhere but the present, then I will borrow from the future. The past is just that–the past, until I look in the mirror in the morning and realize the days of smooth skin are over and I will never, ever look this good again. That is one slippery slope.

I take a step back when I try to kiss my girl goodnight and she bends her head towards me, rather than me bending my head down to her. I want to grasp the years and pull them back, back to a time when her gaze looks up at me and I down at her. The days we speak to my mother in law, voices travelling across mountains and oceans, those bring me back, grasping for the days before the loss. Before she realized she would never celebrate her 42nd wedding anniversary, before my children could grow taller than their grandfather.

Those days will never arrive.

I find myself reaching out for them, wishing back into time for fewer wrinkles hugging my eyes. In these days, we are Peter Pan and we never grow up or old or eternal. I have grasping days, until I am pulled back into reality by my vanity in the mirror, by my too tall daughter, and by the loss. And decide to turn away from the mirror and look forward and not back.

Time’s up.

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  • Very well written.

  • So glad I stumbled onto your blog through Five Minute Friday, Kimberly! This is so well-written–I can feel your joy and pain coming through your words. I, too, struggle with staying in the present. With two small children, it’s tempting to look ahead to the time when they won’t need me SO much; but then again, I’m sure I’ll long for the sweetness of these moments when the boys are too busy hanging with friends to need Mommy. Anyway, great post, and have a blessed weekend!

  • K, Love this post. It can be so hard to live in the small moments as my day unfolds. And I love the little feet and dress hem. Lydia loves that dress and wears it almost daily. hugs.