When it’s time to hire a professional

As you can see, things are shifting around a bit here. My husband, keeper of technology and all things genius, spent inordinate amounts of time over the last few weeks migrating my blog from blogger to wordpress. It looks a bit weird and there’s a great deal I don’t know how to fix. However, I’ve called in the professionals. From here, the old/new girl will be getting a make-over of sorts in the next few weeks. It’s almost like trying out a new hair color only better, as the makeover will be completed by someone who knows what they’re doing rather than a self-inflicted drug-store DIY version. Not that I would know anything about drug store hair color and how many boxes of bleach it takes to go from brown to orange to bottle blonde all in a two-day period. Nothing at all. So, if in the next few weeks this space looks a little less blonde and a little more carrot top, I’d be grateful for your understanding. Thank you, friends.