Summer’s last goodbye

It appears I do not have tuberculosis as previously discussed. I know this because I haven’t experienced enough of the symptoms to warrant diagnosing it as such, namely the major weight loss associated with TB. It seems my summer of wanton ice cream indulgence is catching up with me, and no amount of death-like virus can undo this fact.

Speaking of summer, she quietly gathered her skirt around her knees and prepared to sneak out the back door while I waved goodbye to my kids from the front. She still lingers outside, shining bright and beautiful over the lake and casting long afternoon shadows, but inside we are all school supplies and first day dresses and fall break planning.

This school year is one of lasts–last year of middle school, last year of elementary school, and last year living abroad. It is every bit as painful and exciting as a year of firsts. Another year of change and another year to let it mold me well or throw me into temporary insanity while I beg for mercy. I’ve decided to go with the ‘letting it mold me’ approach and hope some of these rough patches I wear will grow smooth. Do you find that time shapes you? Do you find it wraps itself around you, pushes, prods, and wears down all of the sharply hewn edges you’ve grown accustomed to owning?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve grown to almost, kind-of, maybe a little bit, look forward to the changes. They unfold into the sowing, growing, reaping, resting seasons of life. When one gathers her skirt around her, another season waits in the corner ready to smile and smooth her dress out for a lovely display. The new one refreshes us with her beauty just as we’ve grown tired of clinging to the last fleeting bits of the season before her.

Autumn knocks on the front door and Change stands right beside her both dressed in their Sunday best.

PS In an effort for this blog to not be upstaged by Autumn, I will be in the process of moving and shifting things around for a little while. It might look a bit strange on occasion, but rest assured it’s all for the best. We’ll be meeting again soon on WordPress!