Five Minute Friday: Stretch

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Today’s prompt: Stretch

When I first heard there existed such things as writer’s conferences, and people who write can sign up to attend them and rub shoulders with other people who write–it was a revelation. I spent hours researching it, unaware that while I birthed babies and breastfed and wrote a tiny little bit in a tiny little journal, people gathered together to celebrate their passion for words.

I remember thinking, someday I might gather the courage to attend one. But then I realized it would take money, time, and that pesky thing called confidence in my ability. Oh, and I might have to call myself a writer. Were there conferences called “The Almost Writer’s Conference”? Six years ago, I did all the research and decided I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t ready to say it, or mean it, or stretch to believe it.

This summer I took a mustard-sized seed of courage, a book proposal, and my favorite pair of wedge heels and I attended a conference. It meant I had to call myself a writer, and it meant I had to have something to show for it. Sitting by my feet, in my navy blue bag, sat a piece of my heart stretched out over hundreds of white looseleaf pages.

It took six years and painful growth, and the stretching isn’t complete. Those pages made their way into the hands of other people, and it’s like beginning all over again. The waiting, the wondering, the having to call myself a writer. The stretching continues.


  • I so relate to the stretching starting all over. How exciting the path you are on! Blessings to you and your adventure.

  • Brave brave you – I want to be brave like that when I grow up 🙂


  • First of all, I just LOVE Lantana…what a beautiful picture! I also attended a writer’s conference last month, but wasn’t brave enough yet to bring my heart on paper. I’m so proud of you for the stretching you’ve endured and I have a feeling that it has all best prepared you for what lies ahead, something just perfect that He has in store. Such a delight to visit you here and read you bold and beautiful words! Blessings to you!

  • I can so relate. Great post. I hope that one day I can stretch myself more in this area too!

  • how exciting! can’t wait to read your heart on paper some day!

    blessings ~

  • Eek! I’m really excited for you!
    I think I would love to attend an ‘Almost Writers’ Conference’ – this made me smile. Do they have those, do you know?

    For what it’s worth, I think of you as a Writer, capital W. I’m excited for you and your book proposal and hope it finds a good home.

    Much love!

  • Pam

    Blessings as you step out in this! You are a writer… it’s in the words.

  • How brave to put yourself out there, and how exciting that it sounds like the wheels are in motion towards something big! Praying for you as you anticipate the future.

  • Stumbled across your blog via Lisa-Jo. A mustard seed of courage (and prayer) is all it takes. Keep writing.

    Looking forward to following your adventures—I signed up with your RSS feed. Someday I hope to be living in some other country with my hubby & 3 kids—maybe we’ll even be neighbors. 😉

  • Good post.

  • Kimberly! I sat next to you at one of the sessions. I said hello and got your card. Just now getting back into the swing of things (with school about to start!!) and love what I see on your blog. Would love to hear progress on the book proposal. Very exciting!!

  • Amy

    How He led you to that courage is the remarkable part…the slow, steady trickle of that calling and His prompting for you to own it–yes, you are a writer! Perhaps it’s time for you to boldly declare it, as your worship to Him…?

    Rich blessings in this time of waiting.