Five Minute Friday: Change

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Today’s Prompt: Change


Yesterday felt more like Fall than Summer. The cool wind blew in and brought with it rain and a throbbing sore throat. Fall might be here to stay. My eyes are already focused on next Spring, the season in which we’ll find a new home and begin the process of another move. But Fall is my favorite season, and I worry it will pass me by before I have the chance to breathe in its musky fallen-leaf scent.

I look for homes online with an eye to the future. I imagine my furniture replacing the ugly three piece leather sectional of the current owners, and I think that home might embrace a little change. I look forward, eyes locked on the change that is coming and I forget to enjoy what is right now.

Change turns leaves like the seasons, and just when we begin to enjoy the one we’re in, when we remember to dress appropriately for the weather, it subtly shifts into the next one. We find ourselves in the attic looking for the sweaters we packed away in the green rubber bin, wondering why we only wore our swimsuit three times this summer. I want to wear the swimsuit more, knowing by the time sweaters roll around I’ll be ready to wrap myself fully in them.


PS Speaking of change, Find time for tea is right smack in the middle of a make-over. Thanks for your patience and understanding with any quirks or difficulties using the site.


  • Oh, I love fall, and house hunting and picturing my furniture in other houses. Yes! The weather where I am is NOT getting cooler yet, however, I am determined to pretend like it is because fall is my favorite, too.

    Blessings! Stopping by from 5MinuteFriday.

  • I am looking forward to a “FALL” change – if it stays awhile! šŸ™‚

    Enjoyed reading!

  • I love fall.

  • oh, how i love fall too. i hope you have time to enjoy it, and can steady yourself with all the change ahead. xoxo

  • Love this post – so sweet and I know all of these feelings so well – looking at houses online and imagining them as mine, wishing I wore my swimsuit more. I’m looking forward to Fall this year for perhaps the first time ever but am trying hard not to wish away the final days of summer.

  • yes, to wrapping oneself in a sweater, and enjoying the present moment…blessings, Kimberly šŸ™‚

  • Tanya Marlow

    I love the wistful tone in your writing here – i felt with you the desire to be in past and future, and not in the present.

    Where are you moving to? I have missed that part of your news.