Five Minute Friday: Beyond

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Today’s Prompt: Beyond or A woman’s worth

Five minutes isn’t long enough to tell you how much you are worth. It’s not enough time to tell you your worth is beyond the numbers. It’s more than the number of diapers you changed today. It’s more than the seven loads of laundry you folded and three different flavors of ice cream your kids begged you to buy.

Your worth is beyond the number on the scale or the number of children you gave birth to. You are more than the number of times they call you mean and the number of days your husband stays angry.

Your worth is beyond all of those things. You’re more than the ugly words and the selfish choice and your sin. You are more than the things you do and the words you say. You are as much as the sky and the sea and everything in between. You are complex heart and beautiful body and yearning spirit. You are daughter and mother and sister and friend and lover and child of God. Your worth is beyond mere words.