Gone Fishin’

I apologize for my absence, but summer is having her way with me and my leisure time. I don’t know why, but every year the first few weeks of summer always come as a shock to me. The time I spend allowing my mind to follow rabbit trails becomes swallowed up by real people and real commitments, and I’m left standing dazed in a whirlwind of travel dust.

The next few weeks will be a little quiet here, although I will try to pop in as often as possible. All of these words building castles in my head need somewhere to land, and I thank you for stopping in here every so often to read them.

Over the last few weeks, I compiled a small list of links I thought you might enjoy although I suspect your summer schedule is much the same as mine. I hope to meet you back here in a few days, after I’ve gone fishin’. (I think you know me well enough to know that is a metaphor. At no point in time will you ever find me fishing unless there is a cute handbag on the end of the line.)

For the dreamer: Deidra at Jumping Tandem talks about great big dreams and how to chase them.

For the mother: LL Barkat writes about taking our kids seriously. This one really has me thinking.

For the lover of beauty: Old novels. Dresses. Art. A must at Carrie Ann Schumacher.

For the artist: Emily at Chatting at the Sky gives us three truths about art and envy and courage.

For anyone with a heart: Billy Coffey. This guy has so much to say and says it so well. Every time I read his work, I need to go back and read Emily’s post on envy.

Happy Reading!