A Love List

Dear M–

Today, we celebrate! In honor of our anniversary and because I could not bring myself to buy an anniversary card written in German, I offer you this:

Sixteen Thank You’s for Sixteen Years
  1. Thanks for calling me every day regardless of the country or time zone. Yours is still the only voice I want to hear when I pick up the phone.  
  2. Thanks for never being too tired. For anything.
  3. Thanks for giving me the world. Quite literally.
  4. Thanks for making all of my dreams come true. *Almost all–I accept the dream where you cook dinner and clean the dishes every night is simply not going to happen.
  5. Thanks for saving me the biggest slice or best flavor or last sip.
  6. Thanks for going to the sleep clinic to figure out the mysterious circumstances surrounding your sudden snoring habit. I forgive you for allowing this to occur the same year our children finally slept through the night.  
  7. Thanks for making sure the fan doesn’t blow in my direction at night.
  8. Thanks for keeping your vows. Especially the cherishing one. Now I know what it’s supposed to look like.
  9. Thanks for keeping the other vows too. The ‘forsaking all others’ tends to trip some fellas up. 
  10. Thanks for creating the space in your heart and your schedule for each one of our babies. 
  11. Thanks for telling me I didn’t need to be a hero when I birthed them, and then calling me one anyway after I did.
  12. Thanks for keeping a sense of wonder about the world. Your curiosity and enthusiasm for life inspires me to live deeper, fuller, better.
  13. Thanks for not bringing the binoculars to the concert. Trust me on this one.
  14. Thanks for pretending you know what it’s like to experience PMS. Brace yourself. Menopause is around the corner. 
  15. Thanks for being my loudest and most tireless cheerleader. And not in the Phil Dunphy kind of way. You make me believe anything is possible.
  16. Thanks for telling me to fill in the ‘Occupation’ blank on the form with the word Writer. See number 15. Anything is possible.

A bonus thank you: Thanks for every single one of the last sixteen years. We’ve learned how to love well, even in the hard years. Especially in the hard years.