Five Minute Friday: Real

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Today’s Prompt: Real

I fool myself into believing that my real life is the one that goes on in my head between the hours of ten and twelve p.m. It’s the one that scares me with it’s propensity for tragedy and delusions of grandeur alike. Real life doesn’t look much like the one I imagine, the one I convince myself might come true.

Real life is the one lived in the waking hours. The hours where I pour cereal and wipe up spills and bad attitudes in the same swipe. Real life looks like healthy kids and a husband who loves me. It is boring. It is glorious. It is everything I ever hoped to have, and it feels nothing like I thought it would. It is deeper and richer and more bizarre than anything I could dream up in the night hours.

God indulges me. He lets me dream and worry my life into all sorts of conundrums, and then in the morning He shines light by way of sunshine and truth. I wake up to the real. I wake up to the people who love me and a view that is one part dirty floors and two parts living art. And every bit of it is the real thing.