I’ll be the one in the big hat

Hello, faithful friends! It seems I took a much needed and entirely against my will vacation from the internet. Who knew it would be impossible to get online whenever one wants to (or at all) in Egypt? There is much to discuss. Namely, the fact that we have been to Egypt and survived to tell the tale. After one short stint on a camel in the desert, swimming in a sea of hundreds of jelly fish, eating various unidentified food items, and a harrowing day spent in a van driven by an Egyptian hell-bent on showing us how people from Cairo really drive (the word homicidal comes to mind), I hereby report the holiday a rousing success.

I believe Eleanor Roosevelt was right to say ‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’ Perhaps she traveled to Egypt too. My family would tell you that I scare easily, so living up to these words comes a bit easier to me than some. I hated that about myself until I realized that finding adventure and joy and fear in the smallest things is more of a gift than a curse. It makes life infinitely more interesting.

To do this trip justice I will need a few posts to capture it all, so if you can bear with me for a few days, I’ll take you along for the journey. You won’t have to give up your social media or swim among the jellies or take prophylactic acidophilus to do it. Would you like to come along?

Great! I’ll meet you here. I’ll be the one in the bug eyed glasses and silly hat because the sun hates my face and I like to look as unattractive as possible while on vacation. You’ll be the one with the cup of tea and comfy chair. See you soon.