For when change is inevitable

This week we are enjoying Spring Break, and I will be spending time with my kids, my husband, and a glass of wine or five. It might be quiet here on the blog, although there is the possibility that I will need to talk about how much I love my kids, and/or theĀ revelation I have every school break in which I realize once again, that homeschooling will never be an option for us. I think it’s more important that one, my children learn math, and two, they have a mother who is not driven to brink of insanity.

This week will be a good one. My son will turn ten, and I will lament that fact that we have two children in double digits. We will sit in the sun and I will wear big hats because the sun has become my nemesis. We will explore and I will look through the lens and appreciate learning how to see all over again. I will think about running and writing and change and new life and celebration.

I will remember Christ’s work on the cross for us, His blood and His love. And even though things on this great, green earth keep changing, my limitations grow ever clearer, and my children become more themselves every day, even in this I know God’s love for me is unchanging. Nothing I’ve said, done, thought, hated, loved, sought after, cried over, doubted or trusted in will ever change what happened on the cross.


So when numbers tick upward and change is a revolution I can’t win, I celebrate a God who remains the same yesterday, today and forever. He makes all things beautiful in His time, including me.