Five Minute Friday: Together

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Today’s Prompt: Together

It’s beginning to look different, the ways that we connect, the way I sit in the hollowed out space on the sofa and she, long and lean, in the leather chair next to me. You think that being together will always look like her hanging on to the bottom of your leg, begging for you to pick her up. Then it starts to look like her snuggling next to you and asking for another bedtime story.

And before you can blink twice and finally get that decent night’s sleep, her ‘together’ doesn’t look like anything more than a few minutes sitting next to one another, she wishing you’d just mind your business already, and you realizing that you are the one clinging on to her leg, begging to be noticed. 

She came home and told me that she was the only kid in her class without Facebook. The only one to raise her hand when the teacher asked. One of us is calling it a character building moment, the other is calling it a blight on her social life.

Hiding behind my hand, I smiled to myself because I realize that this is how we are together now. She, pulling at my heartstrings and me, attempting to tug them back. Those heartstrings hurt for the stretching. But it’s a good kind of hurt, and I’m learning to let them stretch and see how far they can go before snapping back.


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