Five Minute Friday: Loud

It’s Five Minute Friday and I’m joining Lisa-Jo at the Gypsy Mama. Join me there?

    1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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Today’s Prompt: Loud

She came home in tears, and it’s not the first time. She said there are mean girls, ones who lie and spread secrets. They write notes and list her faults; one of those faults was selfish. I told my baby that these words aren’t truth, that mean girls don’t know her the way we do. I said the words loud and clear.

You are loved.

You are selfless.

You are beautiful, and kind, and a good friend.

You are not their words.

She gave me a half smile through tears. I asked her if she believed me, if she believed truth and that no one knew her better than her mama and Jesus. She nodded, but from the look in her eyes I could see that the truth wasn’t making it past the lies.

Why is it the lies are always the loudest?

I tried again. Louder now, and I worried that maybe I sounded angry (which I most definitely was). So I softened and we decided to pray. Whispered words from my lips to her heart and His ears.

I know that Truth comes softly and I asked that in its sacred echo, Truth would drown out the lies.



  • Why is it that, even as we grow older, lies are often the loudest? Maybe we need to tell ourselves the words we so often tell our children.

  • your five minutes finished and i wondered if you got to the end of your story… was softly shared truth able to combat the loudness of those lies in your little girl’s heart?

    sometimes i find that truth’s whispering can shout louder than everything else – especially when i’m striving to listen.


  • Beautifully written, and strikes me so strongly right now. As I watch even my little 3 year old getting shoved around in playgroup, I worry about how to help him deal with the “tough and mean” kids, and how to help him defend himself while not being the exact same way. I hope that the quiet truth helped.

  • Oh those mean girls will rouse your anger more than once in the future. Kids unwittingly torture each other on the playground as they seek to find their place. But turning down the heat and turning on the prayer is the right medicine. Good job mom!

  • Girls can be so mean…but then, so can boys. And it hurts us Mamas. Glad you were able to pray with her, I hope she HEARD and BELIEVED what you told her.

  • five minutes….sounds very good to me…I liked the way you write…

  • Great thoughts. Why are lies the loudest? Is it because they need to be loud in their attempt to shout down the truth? Keep whispering the truth! Whisper it over and over again. (((HUGS))

  • How I remember those years with my kids. It is so hard as a parent. Thankfully your went to the throne of grace and mercy. What a loving mother you are. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  • um. you made me cry. tears for your love, fighting all those lies. tears for our babies walking outside of our hearts. tears that we too are loved with this fierce force. my heart is whispering thanks and love to you today, friend.

  • Yes, lies are always the loudest. And they hurt, no matter what age we are. But it’s especially hard when it’s one of your own who is hurting. The tender balm of mama’s words bring healing. Keep whispering truth, sweet friend, for that will be what takes root. {HUGS}

  • I’m learning that the only way to silence the loud lies that invade my mind is to spend some quiet time in prayer. It never fails to amaze me how God whispering His truth to me can silence the enemy’s lies.

    Praying for your daughter and that God’s truth will prevail in her heart and mind.