Five Minute Friday: Brave

It’s Friday and that means Five Minutes with the Gypsy Mama and a community of amazing women who share their hearts in five minutes worth of words. Today we’re talking about being brave. Won’t you join us?

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Today’s prompt: Brave


I don’t do brave very well. She comes out limping, looking like someone dragged her out and forced her to participate. Which is, by the way, how I spent the majority of my childhood, forced to participate. Made to play sports in PE class, required to perform speeches in English, and reluctantly signed up for every church related children’s event when all I wanted to do was sit quietly in the corner and read my book.

Brave implies that there is some intentionality involved. But for me, brave has been accidental. She’s been the thing I’ve stumbled across when my husband came home and said we’re moving to London, brave showed up again when I birthed some babies, and she reappears daily when I stumble through life here in Switzerland. Brave just shows up. I don’t know how she does it really, but she doesn’t look the way I thought she would. She still carries a look of fear about her. Her heart palpitates and her palms sweat and her legs go weak. She doesn’t arrive in a fancy gown or with bells on her toes. She slips in, all awkward and gangly and not sure if she wants to be there, certain she would rather be reading a book in the corner. But now, if she came in any other way, I don’t think I’d recognize her.


For those of you with a few minutes to spare, I wrote more on bravery here. Happy weekending!


  • You truly have been brave in your life! Living in Switzerland, wow what a brave thing to do for sure. Thanks for sharing today, and fun to find you through Five Minute Friday.

    Blessings to you!

  • Love this description of bravery as it only shows up in my life when I am thrust into a situation I can’t get out it. Reading about your childhood, I wondered, if you had a kid who preferred to sit at home and read would you force her into activity?

    Also, read the link to the ski story. Love the idea that we are constantly birthing them to new things. I’ve found this to be so true. Thank you. Following you now.

  • Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. It was thought provoking. I do indeed have a child who prefers to sit and read rather than be an active participant. I’ve tried to take a balanced approach and acknowledge the way they are designed, but also give a bit of push back too. Participating is important. It teaches us who we are and how we fit in this world. We learn things like bravery and courage and how to live out the gospel when confronted with situations that force us out of our comfort zone. It works for me, and I’ve seen it work for our kids. I do try to make sure it’s done in love, taking baby steps, and in an environment where they feel safe. So far, we’ve seen some amazing results, and I feel like we’re producing really well rounded kids while still respecting their unique design.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts.

  • oh, I had to be pulled into participating at everything too! Love the line about brave being accidental 🙂

  • I love the way you wrote this! I had already read the post about the ski trip…please do post when he returns home!

    You truly are a brave soul.


  • How sweet! I’d often rather be in the corner with a good book too. Bravery is a special thing.

  • Hi! It sounds like you have lived quite the journey already (AND a brave one at that:) ). I love your picture here, when I saw it before I read/knew anything about you, it seemed like it was from Switzerland to it? My picture at the top of my blog was taken there, I lived in Bern end of college and hope to go back to Switzerland. A little bit of home in my heart still feels like it’s there:).