Mystery and meaning

‘how fortunate are you and i, whose home
is timelessness: we who have wandered down 
from fragrant mountains of eternal now
to frolic in such mysteries as birth 
and death each a day (or maybe even less)’
~ee cummings
I don’t pretend to understand the mysteries of birth and death. All I know is that we are made to pass through each one. We are made to be born, to die and to be re-born into a life eternal with Christ. Last Wednesday, my father in law passed from life to death to life eternal. And even in the mystery and grief that surround this place, I know that he lives on. 
My husband says that we measure life in moments. I know this is true, that we measure in moments and vapors and breaths, but I like to think that we measure in meaning too. My life is small. I am breath in dust, but I believe my moments matter. My father in law didn’t wait until he received a diagnosis to live small moments with great love. This too is part of the mystery. The small becomes great, and the moments carry meaning, and the earthly becomes eternal. And our loss is heaven’s gain. 


  • I am so sorry to hear this news Kimberly. I really can’t imagine how your family feels right now.

    I will be praying for your family during this time. What a great thing to have a FIL who showed you how to live big in small moments even before he was told those moments were coming to an end quickly. Big hugs to you!

  • I’m so sorry for what your family is going through.

  • Beautifully said. This is a very Holy time for your family. I wish we could capture that essence and live there always. Having lost so many of our family members I know this can not be done. Back to life as usual way to soon. Cherish the broken-open splendor while you are awash with it. Hearts over flowing with love….

  • beautiful words for a hurting time. prayers and love to you, friend.

  • This is beautiful, Kimberly, a beautiful immortalization of the father-in-law whose passing you and your family are now mourning. My heart & prayers are with yours. May He bring the healing that breaks as it rebuilds, breaks us that we might love greater, rebuilds us that we might love stronger.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss.