A list of sorts

I have a bunch of stuff rattling around in my head, but jet lag isn’t conducive towards putting ideas together in anything other than bullet points. So, here you go:

A List for the New Year

~ On jet lag: It is awful. I liken it to the early days of motherhood when I felt like I would literally die if I didn’t get more sleep, and somehow I didn’t. Die that is, I did get more sleep after about seven years. 
~On kids and jet lag: Do they hate me?
~ On Switzerland: I believe it is safe to say that we will be here for at least another eighteen months. 
~ On movies: Over the holiday break we spent a ridiculous amount of time at the cinema. Bonuses included no subtitles, no bizarrely placed mid-film intermissions, and no annoyed looks when we ate our popcorn loudly. I fell in love with Hugo. I dare say it is one of the best films I have seen, ever. A work of art. I urge you, beg you to see it.
~ On shopping: Oh, dear. I returned home with eleven suitcases, filled to the breaking point. Literally. The handle fell off one of the small cases which carried essentials such as Pop Tarts, new underpants, and a roasting pan. I’m not joking. If customs stopped me, I would have been released on the grounds of mental instability. Who packs five boxes of junk cereal in a suitcase? Apparently, I do.
~ On Facebook: What is up with this new timeline thing? It just gets more confusing. On a side note, would any of you be interested in a Find Time for Tea FB page? I anticipate posting really great stuff, like what I pack in my suitcases and how my kids hate me.
~ On snowboarding: Heaven help me. It’s that time of year, and I dread getting up on the mountain only to spend most of the time on my backside. Lessons start tomorrow. 
~ On photography: I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a photo a day challenge. Except that it’s supposed to be a photo a day from Jan 1st for a total of 365. We’re one week into the year, and a 358 day challenge just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I feel like my desire to do it ‘just right’ is getting in the way of doing something fun. Am I over thinking this? Thoughts?
~ On vulnerability: If you have the time to listen, this TED talk is brilliant. Brene Brown talks about how vulnerability is essential for living a full, whole hearted life. Learning to live and write from a place of vulnerability is something I consistently work towards. It can be ugly and hard and a fearful thing, but life is just that;  the ugly and the hard wrapped around the beauty and the joy. 
~ On writing: I made the decision that this year I would make a serious effort towards submitting my writing for publication (insert giddy excitement at the idea). One of the first emails I received at the start of the new year, day four to be exact? A rejection letter from an editor (insert weeping/crying/gnashing of teeth). 
~ On the New Year: Ironically, in my sleep deprived and sad (see above) state, I’ve chosen the word ‘Awakened’ as my theme for the year. Or rather it chose me. More on that soon.
What’s on your list today? All suggestions, ideas, and minutiae welcome. And do weigh in on the Facebook page in the comments. I’m interested in your thoughts.