Tuesdays Unwrapped: Taking notice

Tuesday December 13, 2011

I am in the process of a tedious blog overhaul, so please excuse the weirdness that is my blog at the moment. Apparently, I have nothing better to do this time of year than make myself nuts over posting format and date placement. In the midst of the crazy that is the holiday season, I’m so happy to be joining up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky for Tuesdays Unwrapped. She encourages us to take one month, one day, one moment to stop and see. Join me there?

December days feel rushed and hurried and fuzzy around the edges. I sat and stared at my calendar today, and realized that as the days stack up so do the commitments. I wanted to cry. I wanted to throw my ‘Mom’s Plan It’ calendar across the room. Who are these moms and why are they always planning things? I wanted to pencil in ridiculous events like ‘throw hissy fit’ and ‘eat ungodly amounts of chocolate’. These things will probably happen anyway, but it would feel good to know that I had delivered and executed on a plan.

Most of the other things on my calendar will happen as well. I will attend a concert and watch my little snowman melt onstage. I’ll do drop offs and pick ups. I’ll travel miles and miles across oceans and time zones to watch my little people unwrap gifts with loved ones. I will spend lots of time and some money shopping the aisles at Target.

What I don’t know is how the house will smell on Christmas morning. Cinnamon or pine? When my little girl opens her gifts will she giggle or cheer or fist pump? Will we fill the Christmas crepes with sugar or Nutella? Who will sing off-key at the family Christmas party and who will pull me aside to tell me a secret? Will I remember Emmanuel, and know that God is indeed with us, in the fist pumps and drop offs and Target aisles?

Photos taken at the Nuremburg Christmas Market.

I wish I could pencil it in, this need to notice. This longing to see the beauty in the everyday, to see Emmanuel. But it’s a heart thing, not a head thing. So instead of scribbling in my Mom’s Plan It, I’ll pray that my eyes would remain open, my spirit awakened, and my heart ready to store up the treasure, to take notice.

PS If any of you can recommend someone who knows how to write html/java script as well as incorporate some small design work, please let me know. I’d like to have all my hair for Christmas, and at the level of stress this is causing me, I might be bald by then.