What it looks like

The fog of Fall has rolled in over Lake Zurich. It makes everything feel dull and thick, like soup. Up the street from our house is a grassy hill where the sheep graze in autumn. With each movement, the bell around their neck tinkles and tolls. Morning to night they chime through heavy air, and sometimes I find it charming in a Heidi-ish sort of way, and sometimes I want to stuff those dang bells with cotton.

The leaves are falling, and that means the annual Autumn harvest of all things bright and beautiful. Also known as the day my husband uses us as cheap yard labor. The garden is a carpet of color, soon to be gathered up in bags and hauled to the street for the usual Tuesday pick up. 

I am choosing to be thankful this season. For the jingle jangle bells that reminds me that life is happening on a nearby hill, the fog that makes everything feel cozy and close, the husband who still believes that someday we will be won over to the dark side populated by ‘people who enjoy yard work’.  I am thankful. For all of it. 
Tell me, what does thankful look like to you this time of year?