Five Minute Friday: Grow

It’s time for Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama. You know the rules: 5 minutes, no editing, just for the joy of it. Join us?

Prompt: GROW

It feels unnatural that it should hurt so much. Personal growth is hard enough, but to live it three times over in my children? Excruciating. Pain seems to be wrapped up in the DNA of growth. I wonder if it was meant to be this way, if the pain of growth is a sign that it’s happening. A sign of something bigger and better ahead. I hope they grow to be giants; giants of faith and love in action.

It will cost them, in tears and heart hurts, but I see their potential. I know that God sees it too, and I try to rest in the fact that He will help carry the burden of growth. He knows what He made them for, and some day they’ll know it too.

He made them to be giants. My job is to tend the seed, water and feed their souls, and pray for grace in the growth. His is to prune. Theirs is to learn trust in the process, even in the pain.