A note of thanks

Hello, friends. I thought I might stay away for a few days, but it seems I quite like the habit of stopping in here on a more frequent basis. I’m not sure where November will find me on the scale of posting frequency, but we’ll take it one day at a time.

I have a few weekend adventures to discuss, mostly so I can relive the joy that is traveling with children, but I think you’ll enjoy them too. The kids have asked, begged, pleaded that we stay put in Zurich until Christmas. We literally give them the world, and their idea of a perfect weekend is to die a slow and painful intellectual death at the hands of iCarly.

We’ve tried very hard to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude in them, but it’s been, in a word, difficult. I wonder if perhaps I should be lecturing less and living it more. In an effort to do that, I’d like to begin November, the month of Thanks and Giving by saying thanks to you.

I’m so grateful that you stop by, that you comment and care, that you receive my words with grace. Thanks for listening, and asking, and mostly for enjoying our travels without asking me once for the toilet/a snack/or to go home. You rock.

What are you grateful for this month?