31 Days to Finding Freedom: {Day 8} Truth Speaking

It is possible that I haven’t always been the truth speaker that I expect others to be for me. The word ‘Pharisaical’ may have been bandied about more than once in this house. When I am bound up by rules and expectations, it comforts me to know that you might be too.

As I’ve loosened my grip on fear and guilt, I’ve also had to loosen my grip on what I believe about you. If I receive grace and truth in one hand, then I must extend the same to you with the other. Release your hold on judgment and criticism. Become a truth speaker and freedom giver, and learn to live with your hands wide open.

This post is part of a 31 day series. I promise to return to my regularly irregular and non-cohesive posting in November. For my first 31 day post click here, for more 31 Day topics (and there are a LOT!) click here