31 Days to Finding Freedom: {Day 7} Truth Hearing

It’s risky to trust someone to speak into your life. Sometimes the people around us are motivated by what appears to be love, but often it looks and smells more like fear or judgement only wrapped up in a prettier package. If you want to walk in freedom, you must be able to sniff out the difference.

There are very few people I allow to speak truth into my life. Don’t mistake advice for truth. Advice is telling you how I learned to lull my son to sleep at night with nothing but the sound of my sweet voice. (I just made that up, my son didn’t sleep for the first three years of his life.) Truth is telling you that I think you are doing it wrong and implying that you are less of a mother for it.

Truth speakers are trust worthy. They speak in, out of, and through love. They don’t have a hidden agenda. They want to see you live free. They are willing to come alongside you regardless of how hard or how long that journey will be.

My truth speakers are my husband and a core group of friends and family who have seen me walk through the ugly, and who aren’t afraid to share their ugly either. They encourage, they inspire, they call me what and who I am. They invite me to come out of hiding into the place where real and true and free reside.

Who are your truth speakers?

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