31 Days to Finding Freedom: {Day 30} Just a taste

Today, my husband and I both left the house before 7am. He traveled to the airport for another transcontinental flight. I traveled an hour from home to run a race which felt like it lasted an eternity. In truth, it was less than two hours. It was all the other nonsense that stretched the day to a point where I thought it might possibly contain more than 24 hours. Things like missing one of the three trains I had to take home or the uphill walk to our house after the thirteen miles, a standing room only ferry ride, and the three trains. Or maybe it was the drive to the baby-sitter’s, the cold shower, and the three kids waiting expectantly to attend Trick or Treat festivities. 
I’m not sure what the kids ate for dinner, and I’m fairly certain they all need to take a shower. My house is a mess, the dog smells funny, and you probably deserve a better blog post than this. But I’m playing it fast and loose with freedom today. I am choosing to be less than perfect, and I’m allowing everything and everyone else around me to be less than perfect too. It might smell a bit funny, but it tastes a lot like freedom which tonight, tastes suspiciously like the brownie and three pieces of Halloween candy I ate before dinner.  
This post is part of a 31 day series. I promise to return to my regularly irregular and non-cohesive posting in November. For my first 31 day post click here, for more 31 Day topics (and there are a LOT!) click here.