31 Days to Finding Freedom: {Day 12} Freedom Fits

My oldest and I were chatting about friends recently, when I tried to explain to her the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. Also known as the difference between me and her. Or, in her opinion, the difference between sad and fun.

I know she didn’t mean to be hurtful, she simply could not understand why one would not choose to be surrounded by people all the time. I give her one marriage, three children, and twenty years before she begins to see the benefits of solitude.

It has taken many years and failed friendships for me to understand that being an introvert isn’t a personality flaw. I will never be the girl who stands out in a crowd. I can count the number of my closest friends on one hand. My life would not make captivating reality TV. I can not talk your ear off.

But, I am kind. I will listen and not repeat. I will look at your mess and let you see some of mine too. And when I count you on those few fingers, I will call myself blessed.

You might be wondering where the finding freedom fits in. Freedom fits into that space that others call different or weird or sad. It fits exactly into the spot where your quirks hang out. Where others see flawed, you can see Freedom. Embrace it.

Where does freedom fit for you?

This post is part of a 31 day series. I promise to return to my regularly irregular and non-cohesive posting in November. For my first 31 day post click here, for more 31 Day topics (and there are a LOT!) click here.