Waiting on the Rain

On my back deck sits a lone polka dot flip flop. I put it there a few days ago because it has dog poo on the sole, so I placed it there, sole to the sky, in the hopes that it would rain soon. I thought it was a brilliant idea except that it hasn’t rained this week. The flip flop has been sitting, sun baked, patiently waiting for the dog to stop by and sniff it every time he goes out. I know I should bring it in and wash it myself, make it usable again, but I don’t like to get my hands dirty.

There are a great many things in life that need cleaning up. Beginning with my attitudes, my head, my heart. Sometimes I think if I ignore them, place them out of sight somewhere, they will come clean without me having to do the dirty work. I hate to say it, but life is about doing the dirty work. I have a poop smeared shoe and a lot of emotional baggage to prove it. We all do. That’s the beautiful thing about this life. We’re all a bit of a mess in need of work, but there’s always the grace to complete it.

It’s no use waiting on the rain.