Coming up:31 days

For the past few years, I’ve followed along with The Nester and Emily for their ’31 Days’ series in October. Their challenge was to write posts for each of the 31 days of the month around a central theme. You can check it out here and here.

This year, they and six other regular 31 day contributors have invited anyone who is interested, to join them in this writing challenge. I’ve always believed that to attempt anything for 31 days straight is a symptom of impending lunacy, but I’ve decided to invite a little crazy into my life and accept the challenge. 
Although I tend to make life altering decisions on a whim (hello marathon. hello switzerland), I’ve put a lot of thought into this next month of writing. Thought, because it’s a huge commitment for this haphazard blogger, but more importantly, thought because the topic I’ve chosen to write about is one that makes me feel like I’m standing in a crowd of people wearing only my underwear. I feel a little exposed, maybe even vulnerable.
So I would like to ask that you grant me patience and grace over the next month as I blog on 31 Days to Finding Freedom. Come along and join me, won’t you?

Day 1: A Start
Day 2: Who makes the rules anyway?
Day 3: Silence the voice of guilt
Day 4: Don’t be afraid to fail
Day 5: More on failure
Day 6: People pleasers
Day 7: Truth hearing
Day 8: Truth speaking
Day 9: The Truth
Day 10: Why you will never see me naked
Day 11: What are you practicing?
Day 12: Freedom fits
Day 13: Shape not break
Day 14: Both hard and holy
Day 15: Release
Day 16: The tough talk
Day 17: Sweet land of liberty 
Day 18: Art in the ordinary
Day 19: On freedom and flying
Day 20: On being locked in
Day 21: Inspired
Day 22: Fight or flight or a little bit of both (re-post)
Day 23: Just do it
Day 24: Music that makes me cry and a challenge
Day 25: Your turn
Day 26: On books and giving permission
Day 27: Words
Day 28: Give it away
Day 29: A very good place to start
Day 30: Just a taste
Day 31: On to Freedom